Trails Capacity Program

Build Our Collective Trail Capacity

Together, we can make a huge difference!

The Trails Capacity Program is a nationwide grant program that funds hands-on trails projects and trails training. With your support we can provide key equipment and training that trail workers need to build and maintain America’s trails.

Trails are your key to the outdoors. Trails deserve our love so we can all have access to the natural world. Your support goes miles toward caring for America’s Trails.

One thousand dollars funds an entire trail team maintaining one mile of trail, or 177 volunteers engaged and trained for every mile funded through the TCP. Volunteers are donating their time and equipment to leverage your donation 400%! That comes out to just over 15 cents per foot! How much did you love your last outdoor adventure? Was it worth .15 per mile?

Match 10K from other corporate sponsors! 10K will fund two trails projects in a 12-state area. Lets match or exceed this amount for trails projects across the country.

Your support at the following levels will accomplish:
• $25 = One leather sheath for Pulaski axe OR $25/month = Maintain 2 miles of trail each year!
• $100 = Recruit diverse new trail stewards and maintain one mile of trail! OR $100/month = Sponsor a diverse trail team for one week and bring the passion to a new generation of stewards!
• $500 = Build one mile of trail with a crew of volunteers!
• $1,000 = Tent, food, and equipment for one volunteer trail team!

You make a difference! Please contribute today!

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